Dostepne obrazy

Paintings are available through Beauton Art Gallery and Napiorkowska Gallery. After clicking the picture of the painting that you have an interest in, you will be send directly to their website.

kalisz aleksandra, why would you oil on
kalisz aleksandra, oil on canvas, 60x50c
Change, oil on canvas, 80x80cm, 2018.jpg
No title VII (Green)
aleksandra kalisz, Mothers love, 50x40cm
aleksandra kalisz, May Be, 100x90cm, 201
kalisz aleksandra, Take my hand, 80x100c
kalisz aleksandra, Comfort, oil on canva
aleksandra kalisz, Thinking of you, oil
aleksandra kalisz oil on canvas

Dostepne obrazy

Drawings are available to purchase directly from me and through 33 Contemporary Gallery.

aleksandra kalisz, morning, pencil on pa
aleksandra kalisz, lili, pencil on paper
aleksandra kalisz, protect, pencil on pa
aleksandra kalisz, care, pencil on paper

edycja limitowana wydrukow

It's a limited edition of prints from the series "Act of Pattern" and it's available to order online through Beauton Art Gallery. Click on the image to be sent directly to the gallery's website. The prices vary from 113 euros to 167 euros.


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